About us

Welcome to our website!! We are a company specialized in advising and selling fitness equipment for private homes, small sports centers, corporate gyms and hotels. We also provide our clients with a team of certified personal trainers to carry out training plans and individualized follow-up.

In a world where we have access to everything by clicking on a mouse on a computer or clicking on accept on a smartphone, our goal as a company is to recover direct personal contact with our customers and use the website and networks social simply for you to know our products and have an easy access to all our contents.

For that reason, do not hesitate to contact us with any questions that may arise. Call us before making any purchase and we will advise according to your preferences and needs. We will explain our way of working, the delivery times and guarantees of all products, as well as how and when we will make the delivery in case of placing an order.

The staff of Fit ROOM Solutions we have more than 10 years in the fitness sector in Spain and we know all the product that we distribute, and maybe we do not have the widest range of brands and equipment, but we have full confidence in our suppliers in concept of quality and reliability, a concept that makes us able to offer our customers confidence in the information and in the quality and reliability of the equipment.

From Fit ROOM Solutions, we want our customers to have a different shopping experience, feel comfortable and have a solution to everything related to the creation of their training space, from help for decorating, flooring, distribution of equipment to the correct use and training plans to get the most out of them.

This is Fit ROOM Solutions.