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Life Fitness HX wooden rowing machine for the home

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The Row HX ™ trainer is perfect for comprehensive low-impact home training. Its careful design makes it a decorative element in any room. The resistance system by fluid technology offers a soft and natural feeling. Row HX serves the whole family and allows you to enjoy excellent performance from the comfort of your home.

NATURAL SENSATION: The exclusive resistance system by fluid technology uses water to offer a soft and natural sensation, and offer a constant resistance in each stroke.

EASY ADJUSTMENT OF RESISTANCE: The resistance can be easily adjusted by turning an indicator, without having to do the tedious task of adding or removing water. The four levels of resistance are adapted to the different levels of athletes.

A VERY CAREFUL DESIGN: The structure of natural wood and tempered steel reflects a balance between elegance and durability. Row HX adapts to any environment and becomes an exercise device that will make you proud to show others.

COMPACT AND EASY TO MOVE: It is easy to move and has a small volume to fit in any space. The paddle is less than 7 feet (213 cm) high when stored vertically.

Tamaño del producto (LxAnxAl) 84 in x 31,5 in x 84 in (213 cm x 80 cm x 84 cm)
Distancia del asiento al suelo 11,5 in  (29 cm)
Peso del producto Sin agua: 71 lb (32,2 kg) | Con agua: 108 lb (49 kg)
Peso máximo del usuario 330 lb (150 kg)
Resistencia por tecnología de fluidos
Niveles de resistencia 4
Plataforma ajustable con correas para los pies
Paquete de control de la frecuencia cardíaca (receptor y banda pectoral) Opcional
Ruedas de transporte
Almacenamiento vertical Sí - 83,85 in (213 cm)
Requisitos de suministro eléctrico  2 pilas AA

Life Fitness is the world leader in the manufacture of fitness products, which guarantees the quality and reliability of the product, together with the most advanced technology and suitable for all types of users.


All the products that we commercialize have manufacturer's guarantee. In consumer equipment, this guarantee is subject to private and domestic use, excluding gymnasiums, hotels or any other type of commercial use.

Do not hesitate to contact us and we will solve any doubts you may have and we will advise you based on your needs. We are here to help you and our main goal is that you have a good experience with us and find the closest proximity.


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Life Fitness HX wooden rowing machine for the home